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ClipClaps is a free app for iOS and Android devices and is found at The App Store or CH Play. You can download and install this app. This is an entertaining app that helps you earn a passive income while having fun on your mobile device. You’ll have hours of entertainment watching the funniest videos while you earn money. The app also has news events that will keep you informed and up to date on what is happening around you. But what keeps people coming back and spending hours at a time on the app are the trending videos that keep them laughing and entertained. The more you watch, the more scratches you’ll earn. it isn’t hard to get lost and lose track of time when you are watching the amazing videos that are uploaded to the app each day. The app is created by Grand Channel

The app is paying its members through PayPal.

You’ll need to link or log in with your PayPal account to make sure that your payment is instant.

What is ClipClaps App?

Minimum withdraw: $ 0.1 (will not charge withdraw fee); Then with a withdrawal fee of $ 0.25. Money will be returned to your paypal wallet after 3 days, from the date of the withdraw order (sometimes it will be faster)

How to make money with ClipClaps App

Select an application that is compatible with your phone operating system

Step 1: Download and install the ClipClaps App on Phone

In addition to make more money.

+ Watching videos (in the Video tab)

+ Play games (in the Me tab) 

+ Open rewards (in the Rewards tab)

+ Invite more friends to join in to make money, …

You can also send the link directly to a friend, by clicking and the Rewards tab -> Select FREE above

Then open your web browser and enter the address:

Enter the serial number you just copy (Clapcode), press enter (Link to download ClipClaps App send to friends)

Enter the email address of the Paypal account -> select Confirm

Alright, here I have shown you how to make money on your phone with ClipClaps App. If you feel it is good, please share it with many people. Thanks

Step 2: Register for ClipClaps Account

You can register for an account in 2 ways:

  • Register by phone number
  • Sign up with Facebook account

Step 3: Get the First $ 1

After you create your account and log in. Next to get $ 1 first. Select Redeem and enter the code 03F5NV0G -> Click Redeem

Get the first $ 1

Register a Account

Proof of withdrawal from ClipClaps

You can scan this code to receive rewards

Invite your friends to install the App to earn more bonus cards:

Step 1: Create an invite code and link download App

First you go to the Me tab, you will see a sequence of numbers at the top (Clapcode), you copy this number.

Invite code

How to withdraw money from ClipClaps to Paypal

Click on the Rewards tab -> select the wallet above.

Choose the amount you want to withdraw.

If you withdraw $ 0.10, there will be no transfer fee. If you want to withdraw from $ 10 or more you will lose the transfer fee of $ 0.25.

Create a code to send your friends to enter, enter this code you friend will receive $ 1, and you will get scratch card, card value from $1 — $10

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